Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perennial beds update

Here is a follow up to the last post.  A little before and after of our perennial beds.  Unfortunately some of the pictures are not from the same time I will have to be more cognizant.  Ah well you will get the point.

Rose trellis after completion.
The smell is oh so good.
Front bed

New bed this year...coming along nicely.
This is one of my favorite beds.  A little shade bed that I hounded for what seemed like ages.  This side strip was just some uneven grass that I hated mowing.  So after lamenting about it enough I convinced the wife to turn it into a bed.  
I think see likes it better than the grass.

Notice the new garden altar.  The wife has always wanted one.  I must say it is a nice addition to the garden.

Pretty grass.  This bed although you can't see most of it, will be the next to get transformed.  There is a tree that is too close to the house so unfortunately it must be removed.  Therefore a nice new bed will be born, hopefully with a water feature.  The sound of trickling water on the patio would be just lovely.
This is a new bed this year.  We scored a bunch of compost from a neighbor who got delivered more than she ordered so we took advantage and made a new bed.  So far so good.

Well that concludes our little garden update.  Time to get back out there.   We are on our neighborhood garden tour this July and still have a bunch to do.