Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pull up re-grow

Time to plant the rest of the garden.  That means we have to tear up last years left overs.  A little bittersweet this year.  The broccoli has been full of blooms that the bees love but it had to go.  In its place is some tomatoes, pole beans and a bit of lettuce.  Of course as soon as we plant or tomatoes the heat wave decides to go into hiding so we had to cover the bed.  We were able to plant our last empty bed with zucchini, pie pumpkins and winter squash. 

So far so good.  Just have a few more things to plant for this summer.  Here are some before and after pics.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Child proofing

Had to do some child proofing of the yard the other day. You noticed in the last post we made a fence/rail on the patio. Well the next project was the fire pit. I may try and find a pic of the old fire pit but for now the new one will have to suffice. The old one was made of miscellaneous bricks and cement and what not that was found in our yard. Needless to say there were many sharp edges and it was too easy for a little one to fall in. So on one of our walks we found a pile of old brick edgers so a new fire pit was born.
Also here is a little reminder that pie season is upon us. The rhubarb is bountiful and beautiful.