Sunday, March 31, 2013

Down time

Decided to take the kid down to grandpa's for the day. Grandpa came up the other day and helped set the post for the fence but didn't get to see the little one so we came down. It was nice. Got some important things done like looking at the creek, sitting on the tractor, and the favorite pastime of shooting the breeze while porch sittin.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A fence makes a good neighbor

Well it's been awhile since we last posted on here. You could guess why if you saw the last post. Even with the new addition we have kept busy on new projects. I won't bore you with a list and I probably couldn't remember them all so we will start fresh. The wife left town so instead of hanging out at the bar I figured I would bust my hump and build a new fence. I got some much needed help setting the post from my old man then of I went hanging boards. A few days later and we're pretty much there. Just need to design a gate and arbor and cut the post down to size. Not to bad for a weekend.