Thursday, June 27, 2013


The fruits of our labor have started to show up.  Now we have to deal/process them.  
This is our second picking of the raspberries. The first was one full bowl of mixed golden and red berries. 
This time the wife wanted to try and do a straight batch of golden raspberry jam. 
Eight cups of beauty right here.
Here us the finished product. The first harvest produced 4 pints.  The jam is so good. The golden jam taste great although it does look some what strange.  I likened it to canned tuna. Next time we may take out the seeds in order to get a sexier finished product. But like I said, it tastes great. 
Next up for processing...the snap peas. The peas are so good and abundant. Got  this bowl picked.  This bowl is about 18 inches in diameter.  We got the peas all chopped up no we just need to blanch and freeze.