Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo drop update

My ipod died a while back so the updates have been lacking.  I will also fully admit to being too damn busy to keep up with this blog but I will try harder... Maybe.   I should have pictures of our garden before the tour in all its glory but nope. Now the garden is in transition to fall. I also should have more pics of what we have canned/preserved but I forget to take pictures while I am in the middle of a project. So this is what you get.  A bunch of random pictures. Enjoy! 
Zucchini getting ready to freeze. 
The beginnings of peach nectarine ice cream. 
Pickles and dill beans. 
One nights harvest/work. 
On days harvest. All from one cherry tomato plant. Zukes that got lost in the garden. 
Peppers for salsa. 
Tomatoes for salsa. 
I also made my first zucchini bread this year. We froze a ton of zucchini. Everything but the cilantro and lime juice  for the salsa came from the garden. Now summer is fading and fall will soon be here. Already have red kale dino kale spinach and broccoli planted. Have some pie pumpkins to harvest and garlic to plant. Lets see if I can keep up with this blog.